martes, 23 de septiembre de 2014

Obras de Pintores del siglo XVII, XVIII, ETC.

Acabo de hacerla, es una pintura de un artista Ruso .

Pintura Original sin animar:

Animada por mi:

Obra de Pintor Alexey Gavrilovich 
Venetsianov, Rusia, 1780-1847

Pintura de Franz Von Stuck
Nacido en Tettenwais Alemania en el año 1863- 1928

Nacido en Alemania. 

domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Watching the Fishermen- by Simon Balyon

"Watching the fishermen"

By Simon Balyon

Pinturas animadas de varios artistas

Simon Balyon
(The Netherlands)

Born in 1965 in The Hague, The Netherlands, Simon grew up in an artistic environment. He is the youngest of seven children. Several of his siblings have become highly acclaimed Artists and Graphic Designers. It was not a surprise that Simon developed a passion for painting at an early age.
Simon's artwork is influenced by the Impressionistic and romantic schools. He has long studied the Masters in many European museums and his interest includes the painters from The Hague School. Simon has studied and worked with a number of successful artists such as Hans Van Moerkerken, Kees Roosenboom and his brother, André Balyon, whom he continues to study with.
Simon's love and devotion for nature is evident in his work. Whether painting in his studio, plein-air in the countryside or on the beach, Simon is able to convey the various moods of the different seasons on his canvases. His compositions often reflect the beauty of the Dutch countryside, whether it is through crisp winter scenes, lushly foliaged summer renditions or a budding spring countryside. His landscapes are immersed in a most tranquil and luminous serenity, and are wonderfully balanced in composition.
Simon lives and works in Rozenburg, The Netherlands, and is married and has two children. He is represented in galleries in the United States, Canada and throughout Europe. His work has caught the eye of prominent art connoisseurs and collectors.


Escena de Playa - Corinne Hartley

lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Explore The Shore by Corinne Hartley

Explore The Shore
by Corinne Hartley

The Dance Can Wait -Corinne Hartley

The Dance Can Wait  -Corinne Hartley



Corinne Hartley

The award winning artist Corinne Hartley studied at the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles from 1942 to 1944 and the Pasadena School of Fine Arts from 1964 to 1968. Then she was teaching the Pasadena School of Fine Arts to 1971. For thirty years she was a commercial fashion illustrator for the major department stores in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills California. She has been a professional painter for over 50 years and a painting teacher for over 40 years.
Since her days as a fashion illustrator, she has committed herself to painting series of children. She's an astute and empathetic observer of children's antics and youthful exuberance. Of children she writes, "They are so active — their energy is boundless. Watch them on the playground at schools or dance class. The only time they hold still is when they're asleep."
Her children series of paintings became very popular and the children images have been licensed and published many products such as jigsaw puzzles and calendars. She also sculpts children images in bronze. She published several art books.
Corinne Hartley has participated in one-woman, group, and juried shows throughout California, New York, Arizona, as well as Europe.
Corinne Hartley is a member of the California Art Club, Oil Painters of America, and a signature member of the Western Academy of Woman artists with whom she won "Best of Show" at the Clymer Museum in Ellensburg, Washington.
The beauty of life and the joy of living is what Corinne Hartley intends to express on her canvases. Her goal is to provide the art lover with a superb example of how much beauty there is in a moment and in the cherished details of daily life.
Corinne Hartley's artwork continues to blossom. She has put heart and soul where admirers appreciate and respect it, in an art life that transcends financial success. She continues to reappraise her artwork, remains open to special moments of transformation, and thereby frequently recaptures for lovers of her work those timeless moments we recognize as real.
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